Welcome to now labs business transformations.


now-labs is a unique business organism – you may call it a company – headquatered in Switzerland. 

We help European companies that are willing to change, to successfully and comprehensively transform their existing businesses. As an independent, multi-disciplinary team embedded in a global business network, we develop integrated digitalization processes, disrupt and recreate completely new business models, design new trading and logistics processes and build and manage your innovation teams and all kinds of 5.0 processes. We help you to define your unique Why?How?What?, to create your brand, to claim your true USPs and to establish all communication interfaces to run your future businesses successfully.

This site is currently under construction. Our 5 Business fields and our offer portfolio will be published soon.

For further informations please contact directly

Benno Flotzinger, benno.flotzinger@now-labs.com
Johannes Mathies, johannes.mathies@now-labs.com


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Now-Labs GmbH
Laufenstrasse 15
4226 Breitenbach, Schweiz

Vertretungsberechtiger Geschäftsführer: Benno Flotzinger

Telefon: +49 162 8735106
E-Mail: service@now-labs.com

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Firmennummer: CHE-232.558.388

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